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You can support homeless families and individuals across Hampton Roads by placing a free donation bin at your business, property, church, apartment etc. There is no charge for pickup, delivery or management of the box. We will ensure the box is well maintained and donations are frequently picked up. You can also request a donation box by calling us at 757-656-9577

Village Family Interview

Village Family InterviewNatisha Wilson
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With the support of our generous corporate sponsors, the Village Family is meeting the needs of MANY families 


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Each & Every fourth Sunday the Village Family work diligently to ensure that the undeserved are fed with at least a weeks worth of food. They also provide clothing. The Village Family is a small non-profit organization with an enormous effort. I've seen them give so much. They give more than some of the biggest organizations out there.

Kam Chancellor

Check them out!!! Donate if you want to support a great cause and those in need.

Jan Wynn House

Thank God for the Village Family Team — always blessing our community.

Dianna Lamb & Joshua Lamb

(Mother & Son)

I really enjoyed being with the Village Family, we had a great time today.

Village Family

PO Box 41141

Norfolk Va 23541

Food Distribution Every 4th Sunday at First Calvary Baptist Church Norfolk VA

The Village Family is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization 

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