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Each & Every fourth Sunday the Village Family work diligently to ensure that the undeserved are fed with at least a weeks worth of food. They also provide clothing. The Village Family is a small non-profit organization with an enormous effort. I've seen them give so much. They give more than some of the biggest organizations out there.


Kam Chancellor
(Former Seattle Seahawks DB in NFL) 

Check them out!!! Donate if you want to support a great cause and those in need.


Lah Fulton 

An organization that never fails the community that they serve. They show up, do what they say they are going to do, and impact the lives of many. I love you guys


Village Family 


       Dianna Lamb      
Joshua Lamb

(Mother & Son)

I really enjoyed being with the Village Family, we had a great time today.

Village Family Feed the Village Food Pantry

Village Family Feed the Village Food Pantry

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