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A grandmother's love
Dedicated to Mrs. Mary Simons

I am proud to be a part of a non-profit organization that does what it says...we are simply "rekindling a family legacy of helping others, families raising families through  their gifts and talents with love "!!!! 

Grandma Mary is a constant reminder of why I can't stop, won't stop & don't stop. Her Legacy is much greater and bigger than me. She was a Virtuous woman. A woman with gentle leadership not dictatorship. Her actions spoke volume. I often sat amazed. A real dream. Receiving the royal treatment at all times. But I remember watching her passion, her dedication, her giving and serving others without a cost. And when she couldn't. When she didn't have enough to pay. Who would dare charge her ? When she forgot the recipes, the patterns, the names. It frustrated her. And even when she knew those closest to her could've done more she genuinely Thanked them for All that they had done for her because it was the Lord she depended on. My grandma didn't tell me about love, giving or serving.  She showed me. 

I often asked How?  How could my grandparents feed so many? She gracefully walked in her purpose and gave me all the answers  to my how questions.  Grandma Mary fed and clothe many.. Always had an OPEN door Policy!! 


A Foundation of Love, a village of love

This Foundation of love continues through Village Family  

We feed, clothe, educate & empower 

Just like Grandma


Natisha Wilson, founder of Village Family

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