There are a lot of ill and elderly people who request food assistance. It is hard or impossible for many to get out on their own. With continuing food insecurity and demand for food assistance, the Mobile Pantry allows the Village Family another avenue to reach families and individuals that are unable to get to the food pantry. Village Family is seeking to provide a Mobile Pantry that will enable hungry individuals to access to a greater array of fresh, nutritious and healthy products. The Village Family Mobile Food Pantry Program will allow us to deliver and distribute fresh, healthy food directly into the communities that need it. We also accommodate accordingly on an emergency basis. Food boxes contain a five-day supply for a family of four.



This is designed for children in areas that are at risk for hunger over the summer months. Typically these are children who receive free or reduce priced school meals during the school year but are left without this reliable food source during the summer months.




If you’ve visited, you’ve noticed that we have grown. We have maxed out the distribution capacity of our space. A new distribution site is needed in order to continue to fulfil our mission. 

A Larger distribution site will help us accomplish vital goals: 

  • Increase distribution capacity

  • Expand our ability to stock and distribute fresh fruits and vegetables and nutritious frozen meat

  • More efficient and comfortable volunteer workspace

If you would like to be a part of this momentous campaign, please contact Natisha Wilson at

757-656-9577 or 

Call us:


The Village Family is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization