Our Programs

Food Distribution Program

The Village Family Food Pantry will provide food to those experiencing financial hardship and food insecurities. Village family is now located at First Calvary Baptist Church 813 Henry St. Norfolk, Va 23504. Free groceries & clothes every 4th Sunday at 3 pm-5 pm.

Clothes Distribution Program

The Village Family Closet will provide clothing to children, individuals and families in underserved communities seeking assistance. 

The program ensures that seniors, who are some of the most vulnerable to hunger, get the basic nutrition necessary for good health.  Seniors can either come to our warehouse to get the shelf stable commodity food items or we offer to deliver food directly to homebound seniors. 

Senior Food Distribution Program

Health programs & Awareness

This program integrates food into health care settings to promote disease prevention and management.  Having access to healthy food throughout your life makes all the difference. With enough healthy food, pregnant women have fewer birth complications, school-age children have better focus in school, working-age adults are absent from work less often, and seniors lessen their risk for negative health conditions.


By contrast, people who experience food insecurity have a higher risk of diabetes, high blood pressure, and asthma. By integrating food directly into healthcare settings, and working with our partners, we’re able to promote disease prevention, aid disease management, and bring good, healthy meals to families and seniors. 


Health fairs, workshops, and seminars will be held to reach the community. It will educate and provide them with services such as blood work, mammograms, cancer screenings, and immunizations. Village Family will also educate about issues and concerns affecting the community. 

Community Partners Outreach Referral Program

We know it takes more than a meal to solve hunger. That’s why, in addition to distributing food, we’re also working with multiple partners to address the root causes of food insecurity. With our partners, we’re creating places where people can come for food and find additional services that can transform their lives.

Youth Mentorship Programs

YMP will provide youth education, dance, art programs, a homework help program, youth summer volunteer opportunities, and a leadership program. Objectives include participating in activities for example; volunteering together, going bowling, taking a walk, enjoy a movie or a meal; supporting the child in life goals and milestones; and being an advocate for the child and support the values of the parent / guardian.

Village of Autism Mentorship Programs

We are the home of the Village of Autism mentorship program.  Village of Autism hosts game nights and social activities. We are the home of the Village of Autism mentorship program.  

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The Village Family is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization